PWHT01 General Purpose transformer

The PWHT range of transformers are superb transformers for general purpose use. Using Grain Orientated M6 silicon steel, core losses are reduced.
All our wire is grade 2 enamelled copper wire. This ensures the insulation between turns is extremely high.
All our transformers are resin impregnated with a modern varnish that improves electrical insulation, heat conductance and reduces vibration.
Many cheaper transformers will push the flux density to the limit to reduce the copper used, and increase their margins. Here at Primary Windings we believe that the flux density should be set to allow for mains variations, and the reduction of external magnetic flux, that can cause problems with circuit layout, due to coupling with this stray flux. Lower flux density also allows the reduction of noise from the transfromer. We are proud of our designs, and work to ensure that we produce the best transformers at a reasonable price.

Primary voltages:

Primary input voltages from 220V to 250V are selectable by using a combination of the primary taps as detailed in the following table:

Primary Voltages
Required mains voltage Taps used
220V 0, 220V
230V +10, 220V
240V 0, 240V
250V +10, 220V

Secondary voltages are as follows

Secondary Voltages
Voltage Current
250V 80mA
250V 80mA
6.3V CT 2A
5V 2A

Weight: 1.4Kg

These voltages are rated at the full load current specified on all outputs. They are to an accuracy of +/- 10%

Warning: These transformers use mains voltages and produce high voltages on their secondaries.
It is assumed that the user is fully aware of the dangers involved when using such transformers.
We do not accept any liability for injury involved by misuse of these components.